Below is a listing of tutorials that I’ve found useful. If there are any broken links, please e-mail me so I can keep this page current.

3d Printing-Related Tutorials

1. Post-processing your pla and abs prints is a webpage that has both a text description of how to smooth out those 3d printed models, and a video showing how to do the acetone bath for the abs models.

2. Adding a pattern to your 3d model by using Meshmixer. Vornoi patterns look like connecting tubes and have been applied to the surface (outside) of 3d models for an interesting visual effect. I’ve done this tutorial to start learning Meshmixer and when I was stuck, I e-mailed Marshall Peck, the author of this site. He responded quite quickly and was incredibly helpful.

3. How to remove a raft from your 3d printed part. Video file. Get out those chisels and straight edge cutting tools!