About Me

Sara Kubik

I am a lifelong learner and thus a chameleon of sorts.

I am currently a licensed attorney and owner of Kubik Legal. I focus mainly on family law, trademarks, and copyright. I didn’t expect to become a lawyer, but life throws you some lemons. I had lots of lemons when I became a mother so I made lemonade by going to law school.

Before that, I was an academic and mainly taught communication and design to undergraduates. My research was on older adults and their uses of technology.

I have kept abreast of technological uses and changes and that has led me to my latest career path: data analytics and data science. I recently updated my skillset to include R, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI and Python, and have applied this to what I already know about statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.

In plain language: I like to find and look at data to see what trends come from it and talk to others about how these findings can be used.

I have a

  • PhD from Purdue University in Technology with a minor in Gerontology
  • JD from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  • MBA from the University of Miami in Marketing and Management
  • BA from the University of Notre Dame in Graphic Design, with a concentration in Marketing

I have published and been cited in the areas of:

  • the Law: the Michigan Bar Journal, the ABA’s Law Technology Today, the ABA’s Law Practice Today, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association’s The Coffee House, the ABA TECHSHOW Blog
  • Healthcare: Compliance Today, Diagnostic Imaging, Psychiatric Times, Physicians Practice, Rheumatology Network
  • Telemedicine: Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare
  • Disability Research: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
  • Design: Intercom
  • Academia: Inside Higher Ed
  • Interdisciplinary topics: Gerontechnology

I’m open to new positions within companies that have a need for an expert-level data analyst or data scientist. Please contact me anywhere below to connect.

Email me at sarakubikphd@gmail.com

My Github page is here: https://github.com/sarakubik

My Tableau data vizzes and dashboards are here: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/sara.kubik

Tweet to me @sarakubik

See my online resume at LinkedIn 

My Facebook profile is here.

My law firm’s site of KubikLegal.com is constantly evolving so check back often to see how I have added to. To schedule a free 15 minute consultation, email info@kubiklegal.com.

Finally, I’m running for town council of Winfield, Indiana. I explain the important issues of my platform here.