Older Adults’ Internet Access

I wanted to build off of my dissertation by focusing on older adults’ uses of the Internet. But I didn’t want to collect my own data so I found a dataset onine called the Core Trends Survey. It is available from Pew Research here: https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/dataset/core-trends-survey/ .

The Core Trends Survey was conducted Jan 8 – February 2019. The original sample had 1502 adults. I downloaded the csv dataset in Excel (because the sample size and file sizes were small) and only wanted older adults ages 55 and up.

My final sample was 465 older Americans, ages 55 and up.

  • All used the internet or email, at least occasionally
  • All had either a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer or a combination of these devices All had either high-speed internet access (like DSL,cable, fiber optic) or cell phone or tablet access at home (no dial-up). So either high speed or cell connection (note the difference of these with latency and fog computing in the future)

I cleaned the data, created new variables, and analyzed it using Excel and R. I created some image files using various packages in RStudio, and saved some stacked bar charts as pngs. These were a high level overview of my findings.

My Github has the CSV files, the R code, the pngs, and a read me file: https://github.com/sarakubik/Older-Adults-Internet-Access-in-Rural-Urban-Surburan-Locations.git

I was not happy with the stacked bar charts, so I went to Tableau to see if it could produce something better.

I created data vizualizations and a dashboard using Tableau. The files are…

  • Breaking apart where the older adults lived: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/sara.kubik/viz/OlderAdultsInternetAccessinRuralUrbanandSuburbanLocations/Dashboard1
  • Separating the data by gender and technology ownership: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/sara.kubik/viz/OlderAdultsandInternetUse/Dashboard1

Sara Kubik