About Me

Here is the information about me, Sara Kubik.

I am a lifelong learner and thus a chameleon of sorts.

Currently I have started my own business called Help the Lawyers LLC to capitalize on my diverse skillset. Most people do this and call themselves consultants.Sara Kubik

That label is too stuffy for me. And I think there is a wall that goes up when someone hears that you call yourself a consultant. Many people don’t trust consultants because they are outsiders.

So I’m not going to call myself a consultant. Or use trendy buzz words. I’m going to be me, and let you know why you should work with me…because I am an insider.

Unlike many consultants, I have mad skills. I have worked as a graphic designer, web designer, trade show coordinator, product designer, marketing communications manager, academic, researcher, statistician, and am studying to take the Bar exam to become a lawyer.

So I CAN be hired to work in these skills-based positions, because I know a good bit on how to get things made. How to get them completed, practically-speaking.

Or I CAN be hired to work in a way that many consultants do… help brainstorm and develop a strategy.

But what really sets me apart is that I can be both, your macro thinker and your micro doer. When you work with me you can trust that I’m in it to win it for you. And I bring to the table my experiences working in many different areas. These include (long breath) the law, cybersecurity and privacy issues, demonstrative evidence, trial graphics, design, 2d graphics, 3d graphics, technology, graphic design, web design, product design,  manufacturing, telemedicine, patient advocacy, and gerontology (which is the study of aging), academia and industry.

The takeaway here is: I am a macro-thinker for your project (along the lines of the traditional consultant) and a micro-doer to get the project done (along the lines of the graphic designer, statistician, product designer, etc.)! My job-hopping has been across industries. My degrees are diverse.

Simply stated, I am interested in a lot of things.

If you are interested in me, here is my resume.

As a summary:

I have a

  • PhD from Purdue University in Technology with a minor in Gerontology
  • JD from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  • MBA from the University of Miami in Marketing and Management
  • BA from the University of Notre Dame in Graphic Design, with a concentration in Marketing

I have published and been cited in the areas of:

  • the Law: the Michigan Bar Journal, the ABA’s Law Technology Today, the ABA’s Law Practice Today, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association’s The Coffee House, the ABA TECHSHOW Blog
  • Healthcare: Compliance Today, Diagnostic Imaging, Psychiatric Times, Physicians Practice, Rheumatology Network
  • Telemedicine: Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare
  • Disability Research: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
  • Design: Intercom
  • Academia: Inside Higher Ed
  • Interdisciplinary topics: Gerontechnology